Welcome to Garudchatti River Resort

GarudChatti River Resort is truly a nature lover’s paradise with great landscape , lush green valley , misty woods , racing river and enchanted mountain which embrace and rejuvenate your entire being and offer deeper connection with the Divine .

Garudchatti River Resort (1 Night / 2 Days Package)

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Occupancy per Cottage: Double / Triple / Quad

ABOUT COTTAGE AREA & SURROUNDINGS Cottages is situated near Heval River in a peaceful valley on the outskirts of Rajaji National Park. River Heval is at just a minute walk from the cottages. You can feel thrill of outdoors with valley view and mountains all around, puff of fresh pollution free wind, thick forest and beautiful birds. Cottages is located on the bank of Tributary River Heval/Hem Heval River is 30 to 35 feet wide with a depth of 2 to 3 feet. Visitors can take bath in tributary river without life jackets. Beautiful waterfall at a hike of half n hour. Safe vehicle parking adjacent to cottages. Open environment with good air circulation.


Package Itinerary.

RAFTING ACTIVITIES: Rafting from Shivpuri (16 Kms), Body Surfing, Cliff Jumping (Depending on water level)
OTHER ACTIVITIES: Trek to Waterfall, Rock Climbing or Rock Rappelling, Jungle Walk, Bird Watching (early morning), Volley Ball, Burma Bridge, Badminton, Indoor Dance Music, Bonfire
MEALS (BUFFET): 1 Lunch (Veg), 1 Dinner (Dinner with Non Veg + Veg), 1 Breakfast
TEA & SNACKS: Morning Tea & Cookies, Evening Tea and Snacks during Bonfire


 BREAKFAST: Stuffed Parantha/Poori Sabji, Boiled Egg/Omlette, Bread Butter/Jam, Curd, Tea, Pickle.

 LUNCH: 2 Seasonal Veg, Dal, Rice, Raita, Chapati, Papad, Salad, Pickle

 EVENING SNACKS: Veg Assorted Pakora, Peanut Chaat, Papad, Tea

 DINNER: Dal, Mix Veg, Paneer Dish, Jeera Rice, Raita, Chapati, Papad, Salad, Pickle, Sweet Dish